Tea & Treasure

Today was the MOPS Annual Tea & Treasure where we dress all fancy, sip caffeinated beverages out of real cups and hear inspirational stories that compel everyone to immediately go home and make more babies.  
As you might know, I finished the first draft of my book the other week.  Sure, it still sucks (IMO), but it is done.  This is a project I have been thinking about to varying degrees for the last 10 years.  I printed a hard copy so I could give it to a coworker and as I looked at the fruits of my labor, I couldn't help but think "that wasn't so hard.  In fact, I could do that again."
Is there an unwritten rule about starting something new before finishing the first one?  I've heard conflicting opinions about this.  I've also heard that perhaps that first book, that idea that haunted you for so long it just nagged its way out of your head - that book might not be the one.  That might just be the warm up.  
At Tea & Treasure today I began dreaming about a new story and it got me pretty excited.  It's not quite as emotionally heavy so I think my husband will be happy to know that I won't be slipping into psychosis after a long afternoon in front of the computer.  I have to wait for my guinea pigs...I mean, generous volunteer readers...to get back to me before I make edits on that first one.  In the meantime, maybe I won't stop writing.

I could have sworn that "wear my wedding dress again" was on my To-Do List...but it seems I have bigger dreams, like joining a CSA or getting a bikini wax.  Wait, who the hell came up with these?  
What's that?  ME!  Ugh.

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  1. I thought that was your wedding dress! You look so beautiful, as always!