Spring Cleaning!

As the end of the semester approaches, as the days dwindle down toward summer, I find myself longing to sweep away the old stagnancy of the school year.  Hence, spring cleaning.

The reward for my diligence in purging out unnecessary items from the house is that the thought of deep cleaning is no longer completely overwhelming.  Since I can see most of the corners, the idea of dusting them doesn't seem so scary!  

I should probably have come up with a "system" - but, alas, I've just been going with whatever Koa will let me get away with.  No focused, 4-hour jobs getting done around these parts.  Yesterday I cleaned all the vertical blinds and today I freshened the beds and cleaned the washing machine.  

The most entertaining part of this gig is finding ways to clean unusual things using, you know, "natural stuff".  I would say 90% of my chores have been knocked out using either vinegar, baking soda or both.  Essential oils have made everything smell awesome, too.  The boys room smells like a koala farm from all the eucalyptus oil.  I put it everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.  Pinterest has been an invaluable resource since there are plenty of Blogging Hippie Suzy Homemakers out there.


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  1. I hate Spring Cleaning!

    I would like to do everything but not it!