A Day For Myself

Being a stay-at-home mom, I spend all day everyday with my 2 year old.  I rarely go anywhere or do anything that doesn't involve him.  Even when I am home, doing chores and paying bills, I still keep him in my sights.  My ears are tuned to his cries.  

So today, when a friend has taken him for 8 hours (childcare swapping), what do I do?  
Go to the beach and read a book?  That would be nice.
Take a hot shower and a long nap?  Mmm...sounds relaxing.
Pamper myself with a day at the spa?  Slightly out of budget but still appealing.

Nope.  I go to the grocery store.  Correction - I breeze through the grocery store uninterrupted!  It was simple and glorious.  
Now I have a tall cup of joe and I am going to sit in front of this lap top and work on my novel until the clock strikes twelve and my computer turns back into a pumpkin.  Resisting the urge to just do a bunch of chores is requiring some major will power but there is always tomorrow.  Today, I am free to concentrate and need to take advantage of that.  

Right after I finish updating my blog.    

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