Summit of Mauna Kea

It's Spring Break all week long!  Today we woke up early and watched the sun rise from the summit of Mauna Kea.  While there, we also checked out the telescopes.

 My children were very excited about the snow, but bitterly disappointed one they figured out that it wasn't the right quality for building snow men.  Ikaika threw a few fistfuls of ice in a feeble attempt to start a snowball fight.  God bless TV.

We drove to the summit using our 2-wheel drive and without stopping for the recommended length of time at the Visitor Information Station.  I can not recommend either of these decisions and, in retrospect, seriously question my "good judgement".  The altitude combined with lack of sleep/gallon of morning coffee almost made me puke.  Luckily the conditions couldn't have been better.  Very clear, very dry, very beautiful.

The views were amazing and the telescopes are incredible in both their size and grandeur.  We technically missed the sunrise, our view being obscured by a little hill.  By the time we made it to what I assume is the "sunrise lookout point", the sun had already popped up over the horizon.  Both Mr A and I agree that Hilo is probably a better place to watch the sunrise (and you don't have to worry about oxygen deprivation, so that's a bonus).

Phew!  That was a crazy early morning adventure.  To reward ourselves, we went to the other Mauna Kea in the afternoon for a little 80 degree boogie board action.  Only on Big Island!

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