A Tidy Morning Person

...and other crazy things.

Yesterday, a dear friend commented that my car was "so clean"!  I almost fainted, which would have been bad since I was the driver.  Never in a million years would I have imagined that someone else would perceive me as clean, neat and/or tidy.  'Organized' is beyond even my wildest dreams.  It's almost as radical as thinking that I will someday be able to consistently wake up at 6am without dire struggle.

I have been all these things at some point.  In 10th grade, my room was sterile.  In Thailand, I sprung from my bed at 5am without an alarm.  I know it's not impossible, it just feels neither likely nor desirable right now.

Since I am currently working against my nature for the greater good, I have taken to cheating with large amounts of caffeine and systematically purging my house of excessive belongings.  Working under the theory that having less stuff means less things to clean, I strive to keep only the basics.  I sleep when the desire hits me, which, unfortunately, isn't in the evenings.  I try to plow through my days the best I can and hope that whatever it is I'm looking at (what looks to me like a lazy, slobby mess) is at the very least, enjoyable.

*I'm almost certain this didn't make any sense - I got four hours of sleep and can barely see through the stacks of papers and dishes to where my computer is hiding.

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