Have Yourself a Mele Little Kalikimaka

Xmas sunset in Kailua-Kona

 Epic Christmas FAIL yesterday :(

This year, my husband and I made the joint commitment to not buy our kids holiday gifts.  Instead, we decided to do a holiday activity.  Something special and memorable.  Like bowling.

I called the bowling alley two days ago and it sounded good...maybe a little too good?  In retrospect, I should have probed the hurried, overwhelmed counter lady for more details but I felt sorry for her when she said there was a line out the door.

Yesterday, we piled in the car and drove an hour to Kona only to find out that the bowling alley was closed for a holiday party.  In fact, as a rather embarrassed manager pointed out, they have been and will be closed every afternoon for the next two weeks.  Nice.

So...now what?

Pull-back truck and costume courtesy of Aunty Beth - both winners.

Luckily, we had opened a few gifts from my family earlier - included Kaika's highly coveted Iron Man costume (with mask), so the boys were only momentarily deterred by the tragic news of the bowling alley.  We took them to a park instead and, although I was down in the dumps, they were ecstatic!

Then we drove around and scoped out Christmas lights.  Not surprisingly, Hawaii doesn't have a huge selection of lit-up houses.  But, we did luck upon this impressive display in the Pualani subdivision.  It even had a fake snow machine.  Probably intimidated by the competition, the rest of the cul-de-sac was not decorated.  

By dinnertime, it was starting to feel like a National Lampoon movie.  Big Island Grill (the one and only place Mr A wanted to eat) was closed.  Of course.  The other place he likes on Alii Drive was boarded up (possibly out of business?!).  We tromped around Ali'i Drive with the holiday tourists and came upon Seiji's Sushi.  Awesome, tasty donburi.  Then picked up some hot chocolates and peppermint mochas for the drive home.

Even though we decided not to purchase gifts, the boys are anything but deprived.  Our families more than took care of that.  There was plenty of paper tearing and bow pulling under the tree.  The next task will be going through their books, making room for the new ones.

One of my favorite gifts this year came from Granny, who gave my mom and I the same book (Secret Life of Bees) so we can read and talk about it together.

Church clothes, from my cousin

Now, its just time to relax, watch some movies, sing some carols, eat some goodies.  We are going to hit up Children's Mass later this afternoon.  I am eternally grateful that I don't have to work for the next two days.

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  1. Sweet! Your boys are so handsome!!