Thoughts on Nothing in Particular

  • watched Katy Perry: Part of Me last night (Mr A's request...weird, I know).  Surprisingly inspiring when coupled with reading The Alchemist earlier this week.  Note to self: must identify my dreams.
  • Installed an ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi keyboard onto my computer.  Can now do both ʻokina and kahakō.  Super cool.
  • Completed my first Project 333 cycle.  Switched out my clothes today with 33 new things for the next 3 months.  
  • Found a bag at the thrift store that is eerily like one I recently pinned on Pinterest.  SCORE!
  • Found a Japanese romper at the thrift store, too.  Not willing to pay more than $3, so if its still there on half-off-Wendesday, I'm gettin' me some overalls (already factored it into my clothes count)
  • Had Mr A watch The Story of Stuff last night.  He was super disturbed and immediately wanted to cancel our next Kona run.  The indoctrination is going according to plan.
  • Almost entirely convinced that I would look great with an undercut.  
  • Koa has entered psycho-tantrum phase.  My sanity is wearing thin.

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