Photo Dump - Field Trip & More

I just hooked up my phone to the computer in order to upload the pictures from Ikaika's recent field trip when I noticed a few others that you (mom) might enjoy.  Small kine photo dump!

Moonlight concert in downtown Hilo
I'm super obsessed with knit bows at the moment
My child is super obsessed with eels (drawing of a puhi by Kaika)
Sunrise over Hilo on the way to my Teach for America interview
early AM Starbucks run with Koa Boy
Field Trip - teaching the kids how to buy crackers at Foodland
(love Kaalaleo's face in the bottom right)
Making pizzas at Dominos
Props to Dominos for agreeing to this -
it was (controlled) chaos and they were very generous with all the kids
Choking on his snack
Eating at the Parker Ranch Food Court
The kids obviously had a lot of fun.  I continue to be super impressed with the level to which Koa is included in everything they do.  My younger son isn't a student at Punana Leo, but he is always treated as one.  He has a place in line during Piko (the opening ceremony for our weekly meetings), the teachers always speak to him in Hawaiian, and even during this field trip he was allowed to participate in everything they did - including making and eating an entire personal pizza!  
Punana Leo says "we are all ohana" and they really mean it.  Koa has always been included in everything to the extent that he is willing and able.  I love APL - what a joy!

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  1. Awwww, this is so sweet! Love your knit bows! They're in the hair clip rotation on M's head!