My Baby Can Read

Ikaika's teacher asked me today if I was aware that he can read.  She seemed rather incredulous once she had him demonstrate I was like "oh, that...yeah..."

I guess I was waiting for some major level of comprehension before I went around saying my kid can read.  I admit (somewhat reluctantly) that my English mindset had me thinking Hawaiian is too easy because its syllabic.  I wasn't about to be impressed until he read irregular vowels or consonant combos like 'ch' or 'thr'. 

Well, that is a dumb way to think.  Reading is reading is reading.  He can see symbols on a page and is able to decipher some sort of meaning from them.  He's obviously comprehending what he is saying because for "leo" he says "leo nahenahe" (speak softly) and after "kupuna" he says "keia o kupuna" (this is the grandparent) while pointing to the old lady.  I can't believe I've never noticed this before.  Awesome. 

I now realize how cool he truly is.  He's not even four yet (he's been doing this for a few months now) and he's reading books.  I mean, this is pretty legit, right?!  I am dazzled.

I'm sad about this video because I made a copy with subtitles in my video editing software and even though I saved it as an .avi file, it wouldn't upload to blogger.  Boo!  He mis-reads 'voice' (leo) as 'booger' (na'o) - so you can now laugh at that joke. 


  1. Your baby is a genius!

  2. Totally legit! I too am dazzled!