Reading & Potty - Quick Update

Ikaika's getting ready to take reading to the next level.  Last month we began reading our first no-picture chapter book (Alice in Wonderland).  We got off to a strong start and I was amazed at how long the story held his attention.  We haven't finished the book yet because I find it easier to read things that both kids like at bedtime and Ikaika is gone during the day with school.
BTW - that book makes absolutely no sense and I think that's why a 4 year old likes it.  It's probably what his running inner dialogue sounds like.
He's almost showing more interest in independent reading.  The other day we were reading and every other word he was pointing to the first letter and going "/b/, /b/, brown..../b/, /b/, bear, /r/, /r/..."  HOLY CRAP!  It took like twenty minutes to read a board book!  But I'm proud he's trying.

Koa is almost there with potty training.  I've had him in underwear for the past two weeks without much incident and he's been staying dry during naps.  Debating whether this means I should purge our supply of cloth diapers.  He still wears a diaper at bedtime so maybe I should keep just enough for a week of night diapers?  I'm nervous that the second I get rid of the diapers he will start peeing his pants every hour on the hour.

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