Project 333 Challenge Update (+ new pic of boys)

Even the boys are maximizing their wardrobe options.  Kaika gets the shirt, Koa gets the shorts!
I am now half way through the Project 333 Challenge.  To briefly recap, I am wearing only 33 things for 3 months (including shoes and jewelry).  Here's how its been going.

Overall, I think this little experiment has been very helpful.  I'm amazed at how little clothing I actually need/use and knowing that my white cardigan is waiting for me in the back of my closet certainly helps any fleeting feelings of deprivation.  Amazingly, I haven't worn all 33 items yet.  That wedding dress is still waiting for a date night.  I did wear sweatpants to drop off Kaika one morning even though I had no intention of working out.  A raincoat not from the original list found its way into my closet somehow.

I feel like I'm just now approaching the hardest part of this challenge.  Even though I have gotten more comments/compliments in the past 6 weeks than I have in the past 6 months, I am starting to feel like I'm wearing the same things over and over again...because I am.  Recently, I've been wasting hours in the evening scouring Ebay for clothes, shoes, and purses I don't need.  I feel more put-together on a daily basis than I have in a long long time.  But, it's hard to let go of the "newer = better" concept.
I'm unsure if I want to live with a wardrobe this small indefinitely.  Even though I'm not using all 33 items, the fact that I'm taking so much comfort in the box of clothes waiting for me in my closet tells me that I need a little more variety.  If I were going to regularly keep a wardrobe this size, I would need to go on a Goodwill blitz at least three times a year.  Right now, since I go nuts about once a year (whenever I travel to the mainland with all the amazing thrift shop options), I think I should keep a wardrobe about twice this size.

Next time do 66 items for 6 months?

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