Aloha Kakahiaka!

Good morning!  

Our mornings look like this: drop off dad, drop off Kaika, do chores, do whatever, take nap, pick up dad, pick up Kaika.
After 4 years of systematically shaving down on routine car use, I am now driving twice a day everyday.  The other day I looked down at the gas gauge and was blown away. Refill already?!  Yikes.  I wish there was some way to avoid it, but the preschool is just far enough out of town to make walking (on the highway, no less) unrealistic.  I'll just consider it a win that we continue to be a single car family.

I was told to post more pictures.  I haven't been taking any pictures recently and this is hard evidence why.  Not only are these pictures boring (hanging out in the car), its also terrible in terms of lighting, focus and composition.  I swear I used to be good at this kind of stuff...

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