Sunny Day Orangsicles

Today was one of those amazing, beautiful, sunny, not (too) windy days in Waimea.  Days like today almost totally make up for the 2 months of summer that we spent suffering through freezing near-hurricane conditions.  Almost.

Mr A went back to work this week and the boys are starting their respective educational activities next week, so we are all adjusting the the change of pace - "getting back in the groove".  Today we took a walk into town and ran some errands, stopped at the park, then came home and ate our lunch outside because it was just that nice.  I gave the boys some homemade popsicles as a snack.


1/2 C orange juice
1/2 C soy milk
5 drops vanilla cream stevia

Mix, pour into molds and freeze.

This soy milk was the first in a series of experiments with making milk alternatives at home in order to avoid unnecessary ingredients and superfluous packaging.  This soy milk tastes fine but its too troublesome to make on a long term basis and Mr A isn't convinced that soy should be our primary alternative to dairy.  I've already pinned a brown rice milk recipe to try next week.
Oh, the exciting life of a homemaker!

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