Photo Dump from Our Recent Trip

getting "whatever he wants" at the Build-A-Bear Workshop
can't help it - I love the leash 
cousins sweating like crazy @ Como Zoo
Mussman Dairy Farm
I was guilt-ed into letting him go by his aunts (who clearly don't know better)
after the train started moving, he began bawling and didn't stop until it was over.
Riverfest in Lacrosse, WI
Aunty Beth lets me eat ice cream cones
Mmm...SO worth it!
but mommy has to draw the line somewhere 
visiting Grandma and Grandpa at Sacred Heart 
 lucked out with an extra empty seat on this flight!
Estes Park, Co.  the weather is not unlike Waimea
taking a stream-side stroll after 6am Starbucks run
he was the "yay bearer" - a wedding trend that I'm sure is going to start catching on
you wouldn't know it, but she cage fights
best wedding I've ever been fortunate enough to attend
(her dress has pockets.  very fabulous)
then Koa fell in love, too


  1. Ahhh, Kitie, I love you so much!!! It was so wonderful seeing you and Koa. Now to meet Ikaika and get to Hawaii!