Kona Marathon 2012

The Kona Marathon...didn't happen!  My running buddy was sidelined with an injury so we entered the 10K instead.  Mr As friend (who lives 5 minutes from the starting line) invited us to come over Saturday night and watch the UFC fight.  It was incredibly fun.  We fished and swam and frolicked with turtles in Kona.

But, like a big dumb dummy, I woke up 30 minutes before the race started and ate a giant bowl of cereal with whole milk (after pigging out on junk food and wine the night before).  Needless to say my stomach was in a gigantic knot the entire time.  The whole hour and change was miserable.  I don't know my time/place, nor do I care.
Scratch.  Wash.  I'm calling a mulligan!

Next race, I'm half marathon-ing it and I'm waking up earlier.

Uncle Mundo and his fabulous "backyard"
could Koa's face be any sweeter?
Kona is so hot and humid, we stayed outside until it got too dark to see
We pulled our dinner from the ocean and threw it on the grill.
This is the biggest Manini I have ever seen.

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