Minimal Wardrobe: Shoes

Here are my shoes as of yesterday:

  • Nike cross trainers
  • Adidas running shoes
  • Black work shoes
  • black flip flops
  • brown Uggs
  • Pink converse
  • Minnetonka moccasins (not pictured) - my "house slippers"
Taking this picture was a huge revelation for me.  How is it that 4 out of my 6 pairs of shoes are sneakers?  

The rationalization: 
the Adidas are old but comfortable for running.  Like running barefoot.  The Nikes are too heavy for distance running but newer - nice for walking/working out and look less ratty.  The black shoes are only for work and meet all the uniform requirements of the company.  The converse have been with me for over 10 years and hint to the fact that I may be a hipster at heart.  Besides, they look better with jeans than running shoes.

Based on this picture I know that 
A) I have too many sneakers and
B) I am missing a few key pieces

I need to get rid of at least one (hopefully two) of the sneakers.  The converse for sure have to go.  They are 10 years old, faded, holey, and I barely wear them anyway because in Hawaii we take our shoes on and off so much.  Wearing anything with ties is extremely inconvenient. 
Their purpose would be better served with a flat.  Something I could wear with jeans or a skirt, dress up or down.  I'm thinking metallic.  
I am also completely missing any kind of heel.  I have nothing that would be appropriate for a job interview, date night, wedding, etc.  I don't have occasion to wear them very often so I need them to be classic, not trendy.  Thinking black kitten heel.

So these two items will go on my "look for it at the thrift store" list.  The converse will travel with me to the mainland in July and remain there - hopefully replaced by something amazing!


  1. I totally agree with the flat shoe! I have one pair of go-to flats (always in black) and they are easy to slip on and off.

  2. I have these as my sort of dressy shoe: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/?cp=usns_CSE_081109_Froogle&l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-101101/pid-440159/pgid-580811&CAWELAID=1077193151

    I ankle straps come off, they didn't work for me.

    They are only sort-of athletic shoes.