Minimal Wardrobe: Pants

Pants Inventory:

  • black slacks 
  • khakis 
  • Skinny jeans  
  • Bootleg jeans
  • blue nylon material pants
  • navy warm ups
  • black athletic/running pants
  • plaid PJs
  • black sweatpants
  • brown thermals
  • grey capri length leggings

11 pants total.
Unlike the shorts & skirts, most of my pants are neutral colors and basic cuts.  The first four are essentials (yes, it is essential that I own two pairs of jeans). I don't necessarily like the black slacks or the khakis but I wear them almost exclusively for work so it doesn't really matter how I "feel" about them.

I've considered getting rid of the blue nylon pants more than once (the button and drawstring are both on the inside of the waistband = annoying) but Mr A keeps telling me how great my butt looks in them so I can't bring myself to do it!  I need to find better, not-nylon pants that are similarly constructed in the back.
The blue warm-ups were a recent gift from my mom.  There is a zipper.  I'm still deciding how I feel about that.
I don't like the black running pants at all.  I'm probably only holding onto them because a) The North Face logo is on the leg (shallow, I know) and b) the pockets zipper.  

Ah, lounge wear!   Could probably use the black sweatpants for running/working out.  I originally got the brown thermals thinking I would use them as leggings, but they stretch/bunch at the knee and are slightly too long.  The result is a little sloppy for skirts.  I mostly wear them as jams or as an under layer for super cold nights.  I'm still on the fence about getting another pair of full length leggings to better serve this purpose.

I think I'm going to finally part with the black runners and the blue nylon pants.  I'm keeping those old black sweats until they are replaced with new sweats from a sister's school of choice (perhaps from a Turkish University???)

I want to replace the black runners and navy warm ups with some pants/tights that could be exclusively for running (either full or capri length).  Or I could make my own from recycled wool sweaters.  Nice!

Maybe pick up some cords in grey or olive.  Bonus if they could replicate whatever those nylon pants are doing in the back.

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