Yogurt Maker Miracle - Recyling Jars

I bought my beloved yogurt maker at the thrift store for $3.  In the last two years I have lost or broken two of the 8 glass jars.  After the second one broke I started to look into replacement options.  Amazon has a replacement set of jars, but they are plastic (not pretty glass like mine) so, even though the price wasn't astronomical, I wasn't completely sold that they would be worth the purchase.  I debated whether or not I (or my mother) would be able to find replacement jars at the thrift store.  I scoped out jelly jar physiques and scoured Ebay, all to no avail.

Yesterday, as I was digging through the trash for my "perfect flax meal dispenser" (ie. old jar my husband sometimes recycles by accident), I experienced a small miracle.

how did I overlook this close cousin of the yogurt jar?

I have handled furikake hundreds of times - but only as a dispenser of delicious rice sprinkle.  I never looked deeper.  I took it for granted and let my creativity wane.  Now, I could see this foresaken jar's future...in my yogurt maker.

can you tell which is which?

After months of searching, I discovered that the answer had been in my house the whole time!  It really is the perfect solution.  Furikake even comes with a little plastic lid just like the original yogurt jars!  They are glass, they fit into the holes, they are free, and (because my family is wild about the seaweed/rice combo) I could break a jar every month and still have replacements to spare!     

a match made in heaven

 A little creative repurposing can sometimes go a very long way :)

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