A Scrapbook for Koa

I used a Hallmark scrapbook calendar for Ikaika and, as a result, made a pretty rockin' scrapbook of his first year.  Then Hallmark stopped making those amazing calendars (jerks). 

For a long time I've felt guilty about not having a scrapbook for Koa.  I kept up with a baby book, which, according to my mom-of-multiple-children friends, is still an accomplishment.  But, you know, he needs a scrapbook too.  Otherwise, when they are older, they will use this as evidence that I favored one over the other.

Recently, my mom sent me a scrapbook kit in the mail (from Goodwill, no doubt).  I'm pumped.  I'm motivated!  Rather than let it sit around my house for a year or two, I have decided to slap this thing together ASAP.  You know, before the baby-years fade from my memory. 

This seems like a perfect time for making a Koa scrapbook.  Its a way to celebrate the past and put it behind me so I can make this transition into full toddlerhood without too much nostalgia or sentimentality.

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