Crochet Cap for Father & Son

I finished the complementing MC hat.  I used the same pattern from Get Your Crochet On! with a #7 hook and grey acrylic yarn (I would guess its Red Heart worsted). 

I have two concerns (about the grey/child's cap), which I might tinker around with later. 
1) Out of laziness/fear of the hat being too small anyway, I didn't add the round elastic.  Mistake.  As the hat is worn, it stretches out and now I'm more concerned with it being too big.  I'm not about to rip the whole thing out, so I might just weave some elastic through the last row of crochet and hide it best I can.
2) the brim seems too big and is puckering strangely.  I used the same size hook with double strands of yarn.  Depending on how my day goes, I might rip the brim out and fiddle around with single thickness yarn and/or a different size hook.  It would be nice for the brim to hold its general shape without too much fussing.

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