Book Update (psst...theres not much to say)

this pretty much sums it up

I used to tell myself that I would write a book..."if I only had the time."

Turns out, time wasn't the problem.  I set out to spend about 30 minutes a day with my book.  Either writing or brainstorming or what-not.  As long as I was squeezing in the QT, knowing there would be good and bad days both, I figured I would jam out a draft before the end of the year.

Then, 60,000 words later, it hit me.  The problem isn't time.  It's plot.  My book is going nowhere.  The writing is there (even my little sister said its "good", which coming from her might as well have been a Pulitzer).  The time is there.  The desire is there. 

The plot, however, didn't show up for the party.  Maybe I forgot to send an invitation?  I can't summarize my book ("what's your book about?" me: "oh, you know, this and that...") and so far as I can tell, its going nowhere.

I should have set out to write a short story.  A collection of short stories even.  Every time I try to squeeze all these individual pieces into a cohesive storyline, it just falls apart.  Then it occurred to me...

I'm going to have to start over.

And that, my dear friends, is where I'm at.  I've been struck by the paralysis of knowing that I need to frog the whole book and start over.  But, if I don't move on, I will never write a book.

There's a fine line between giving up on a book once it gets tough and recognizing when its time to throw in the towel and go with another idea.  I just hope I'm making the right decision.


  1. What?? Let me read it!

  2. Don't think of it as starting over, just put this one on the shelf until a plot reveals itself or you figure out what direction you want to take it in. For now just pick a new project to work on and let this one age/marinate. You never know, 3 months from now you might have your A-Ha! moment...

  3. No, Kitie... I sense a tone of disappointment in this post. Going nowhere? Okay, but you are still 60,000 words ahead of where you would have been if you hadn't stuck with the self-discipline of spending at least 30 minutes daily on your story. That is something to be very proud of!!! It could still just be a thought in your head, no closer to fruition, and you still just dreaming that someday you will write a novel.....