Nom Nom, Homemade Food

pictured here eating Lucky Charms

Lately, I've been feeding my kids all kinds of processed junk.  We've been going out to eat more often.  Frozen pizzas are way over par for the month.  I've literally been writing "bake muffins" on my to-do list for three weeks...and not a single muffin has emerged from my oven.  I probably bought 10 boxes of granola bars on our last shopping trip. 

The super homemade, everything fresh thing comes and goes in cycles around here.  I spent a few months making love to the Crock-pot, enjoying fresh yogurt, boiling eggs every Monday like a champ.  Then comes the famine.  A few months of moping over an entire fridge of "nothin' to eat" and shuffling around my kitchen like a zombie.

When I'm in the groove, meal planning, coupon clipping, and keeping an endless supply of snacks stocked in our pantry is a breeze.  It's automatic.  When I'm out of the groove (like right now), it feels so overwhelming that I can barely muster the energy to heat up frozen sweet potato fries.

Today is the day I turn it all around!  Today I am going to finally make those stupid muffins, I am going to know what we are eating for dinner by 2pm at the latest (and maybe even what we are eating tomorrow), then I am going to sit my kids down for a balanced lunch of real food!  Today I take back my kitchen!


  1. It makes me tired just thinking of it!

  2. Man, I hear you. The only thing that helps me break those ruts is making a meal plan and grocery list at the same time, and then going shopping, that way there's no getting out of it.

  3. Yes Ruth, I was hoping that coupon hunting would get me to do it but it appears to just make me lazier. I did, however, end up making muffins yesterday. I made 24 and they are almost gone. Oi. Christina - you are tired because you are a more experienced mother than me!!!