An EASY Way to Organize Kids Closets

...notice I didn't say a "beautiful" or "creative" way? 

I should probably explain that even though I, like most, dream of a perfectly styled home - I don't really give a flying fig what my kids closet looks like so long as I can find everything in it.  Someday I will take the time and resources to really trick it out (I'm thinking modular, reeking of The Container Store) - but for now, I just need it to function.

My big "secret": I use hanging sweater cubbies in the kids' closet.  Ikaika is on the right and Koa is on the left.  The compartments are sorted by:
  • short sleeve shirts
  • long sleeve shirts
  • pants
  • shorts
  • pajamas
  • misc (rash guards, underwear, socks, capes, etc)
The reason this system has been working for me since day one is...
  1. it requires minimal effort for folding/hanging.  On super lazy/busy days I just shove clothes into the appropriate cubby.
  2. it keeps the amount of clothes my kids have in check.  I've found that the number of clothes that fits is just the right amount to be functional without being excessive.***  When the cubbies start feeling cramped - I look to donate.  As a result, my children regularly wear 95% of the clothes they own.
  3. i can easily take inventory of what they have/need because it's all in one spot
  4. it doesnt take up a lot of space.
  5. it's portable.  When we moved, I took this down and loaded it in the car.  kids clothes, check!

***I should note that on the other side of the closet is this little mini-cubby that I got (totally on impulse) from the clearance rack at Lowes.  Because Koa tends to outgrow stuff suddenly, I began keeping the next size up in this one.  

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