Being Creative

Yesterday I finished a super-warm crochet hat with brim for Mr A - just in time for perfect Hawaiian weather (thanks, Waimea, for always keeping me guessing) and I'm about half way through a Victorian Lace shrug for a little lady with an upcoming birthday.  I suppose you could say that I'm being creative.

Just a little sneak peak, Steph.  Nothing major ;)

In fact, when I first began knitting someone pointed out to me that there's not too much actual creativity involved in following a pattern.  Which, sadly, seems true.  Its more technical skill than anything else.  With knitting, cooking and sewing I have a very difficult time deviating from patterns or recipes.  Only recently have I felt comfortable throwing things in the crock pot or slapping a seam here-or-there.

Yesterday I was cleaning like a mad woman and thinking - again - about garbage.  Arrg.  It seems like no matter how much I donate to the thrift store or how much I talk myself out of this-or-that purchase, my house accumulates junk!  I am so sick of throwing crap away.  There needs to be a change in attitude when it comes to the things I bring into my house.  Too often I assume that the useful life of an object ends once it has fulfilled the purpose I bought it for.  The rest, hence, becomes garbage. 

But that isn't being very creative now, is it?!  I should be able to discover uses that go beyond its stated purpose.  I should be making things that are useful and beautiful out of, you know, whatever.  That would be very creative. 

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  1. Wow, looking good!!

    Yes, thinking creatively is a must when figuring out what to do with the things one already owns. My mom gave us a ton of her stuff and instead of just donating it or throwing it away, I try to think about whether I could use it in the future, or if it could become useful some other way. I think that receiving things saves a lot of money, but it can also be a burden when you REALLY don't need it.