Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

 We said "aloooooha" to 2011 at our friend Steve's house.  Mr A took care of the BBQ, as always.

Even though the last few days have been beautiful, we brought all our warm clothes to brave the "green side" of Waimea.  We also brought hearty appetites for the garage length buffet!

Last year, because I was running a 5K the next day and we were in the Northwest, the family didn't do much celebrating. This was Koa's first real New Years fete.  He wasn't so sure about all the loud noises, but from 10pm on was able to sleep through warfare right outside his window.  Amazing.  I was jealous.  Despite going to sleep around 4am, I worked at 9:30.  My first new years resolution?  Never do that again.

Of course, Ikaika showed him the ropes.  Ikaika was VERY into the fireworks this year.  Daddy and Uncle took him under their wings and schooled him in the way of questionably responsible Hawaiian pyrotechnics. 

The sheer joy is ridiculous.  Between him and his father - I am in trouble (and so are all the flammable structures on our block)!

And here he is dancing.  Notice how he doesn't lose his groove despite the noise drowning out the actual music.  That's my boy!

At midnight, the men rigged up the 10,000 string of firecrackers with three bombs at the top and we counted down the New Year by going deaf (temporarily).

The string of fireworks hangs from a large pole somewhere in the yard.  Steve had this fancy bamboo pole that he cut down from the lot across the street and they propped it up on the basketball hoop. 


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