Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas Eve this year did not disappoint.  We started the morning with some volleyball and beach time down at Kawaihae Harbor.  Nothing says "mele kalikimaka" quite like 80 degree weather, sand and surf.

Then we ate lunch, took naps and unwrapped a few preliminary gifts before heading out to Children's Mass.

During church service, Ikaika set a new standard for embarrassing family moments by setting off the fire alarm right before communion.  Lights flashing, recording saying "please exit building", Mr A desperately trying to push the white lever back in, the priest frantically calling for someone to call the fire department and let them know not to come - it took almost 3 minutes for the entire fiasco to end.  Then Father Bob announced it again at the end of service, and many a middle aged man clapped Ikaika on the back and told  him "I've wanted to do that my whole life.  You are my hero."
Certainly a Christmas memory that we will talk about for years to come.

Koa still isn't quite there with the holidays.  He picked at some wrapping paper and seemed to like his gifts, but it wasn't the sheer, unbridled excitement of his brother.  Ikaika is a Christmas fiend.

Granny's gift theme this year was Transformers.  After dinner and the rest of the gifts, we snuggled down on the couch in our new jammies (hat, gloves, slippers, underwear, and socks) to watch the Christmas movie.  This year, I chose Miracle on 34th St. complete with hot chocolate and Grandma Liz's frosted molasses cut outs.

I have a feeling that as the boys get older, Christmas is only going to get more fun.  Its hard for me to believe that this is my family.  I'm at the helm of this ship!  I'm doing all these things that will shape who my children are for the rest of their lives.  I've been blessed with such an amazing family - my guys are so cool!

Oh the family picture that would have been so cute but just wasn't meant to be...
Note to self: always ask people to take two, just in case.  Because asking Mark if it 'turned out' was clearly not direct enough.

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