Green Day at Tutu & Me Preschool

Today was "color of the month" day at preschool.  The boys chose green shirts, we packed at bag with holiday makana (gifts) for our teachers, and even got to school on time!  Go Tuesday!


Oh brothers.  I remember doing this to my family members when I was young (practically attacking them with unsolicited and largely unwanted affections).  I bet they miss it now!

Koa was making stacks of blocks.  Although he's becoming more defiant now, he's also becoming more engaged with the things he likes.  I often wonder what he would be capable of doing, what he would be interested in doing, if I didn't have to simultaneously give my attention to his 3 year old brother.

Said brother worked on puzzles.  Of course, I helped him put this together, but he was able to indicate the general area where he thought the pieces should go (based on similar colors, patterns, etc) and fit them together once we found the proper spot.  Here he is answering the question "which planet do we live on" with an enthusiastic "EURFF!"

Getting an acceptable posed picture of Ikaika is near impossible, which - come to think of it - reinforces my choice to not spend money on professional portraits.  I say "smile for the camera!" and this is what I get.

Then I tried to really persuade him by saying "Oma want to see a nice picture, honey.  Smile for Oma!" ...and he gave me this.  So there you go, Oma.  Enjoy.

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