Kohala Mountain Pumpkin Patch

Today, we went up Kohala Mountain Road to search for the perfect pumpkin for our Autobots jack-o-lantern.  This little patch (Kohala Mountain Farm) had a great selection and the pumpkins were only 75 cents a pound!  The boys had a great time hunting - we ended up with one large J-o-L and one small sugar pumpkin.

Last year we went to the HPA patch but it's more like a carnival - with games, treats, climbing walls, bounce houses, etc.  In fact, by the time I got there - there was very little in the way of pumpkins.  Perhaps it's my Midwestern upbringing, but I'm more of the "get there, pick your pumpkin, go home" kind of lady. 

Although, it is nice to sample fresh farm produce and if they are offering warm, tasty spiced beverages, I'm game.  Sadly, since it was about 85 degrees, there was no need for hot apple cider.  

This made me wonder why it's so common to harvest Halloween pumpkins directly from a farm, but almost unheard of to visit farms otherwise.  Farmers markets are a happy medium.  I wish that farms would just open on weekends and we could mosey in there and start reaping.  I never got into the summer berry picking when I lived in Oregon.  Now that it's unavailable to be, I desperately want a roadside pick-by-the-pound berry field!   

Koa liked these rabbits.  I had to let my children know that their dad is allergic (I learned this the hard way) and if we got a rabbit it would live outside and we would eventually eat it.  Ikaika said, "Noo-hohoho! Mommy!  ...you silly..."

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  1. Yay, Knox College t-shirts and pumpkin patches!