Saturdays in Paradise

Lately, life has been getting in the way.  The boys are busier with playgroups and preschool; Mr A is busy with work, coaching and school; and I'm busy with work and shuffling the chaos.  I keep having to remind myself that this, like every other phase of our life as a family, is temporary. 

But it's also important to acknowledge that we are busy so we can make a point to not be too busy for eachother.  Today was the first weekend in awhile where we had nothing planned.  No games, no work, nothing.  Although there are some chores and homework that need to get done - today is the perfect opportunity to come together and reconnect as a family.

Koa has been under the weather lately (mucusy cough, poor disposition, etc) so this morning I stayed home with him and watched football while Mr A and Ikaika went to the beach.  When they came home we took a family bike ride up to the liquor store so I could treat myself to a bottle of sulfite-free organic wine.  And on the way home, since it was such a nice day and since we could - we stopped a Big Island Brewhaus for lite bite of lunch. 

The evening was spent BBQing chicken and playing cards.  Just another Saturday in paradise. :)

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