4th of July, 2011

Since I'm sure my family will be curious...

Yesterday we went to a BBQ at our friends' house.  Mr A works with the father and son.  The son has been babysitting the boys recently but I had never met his family until yesterday.  Such a nice family!  Their grandson is Ikaika's age and the boys got along very well, which was a huge relief.  We had a great time eating, chatting and playing music for the entire afternoon.

By the time we left it was already 7pm.  We were planning to go to the Queens Shops in Waikoloa to watch fireworks at 8.  But as we left I noticed that Koa hadn't napped - past the point of crazy tired - and Ikaika was also pushing the envelope since we had a late one the previous evening at a friend's housewarming fiesta.  I reasoned at the point that a large fireworks display was going to be both overwhelming and scary (ie. no fun for the parents) so we decided to call it a night. 

Luckily, our neighbors were setting off fireworks in their driveway.  So Koa went to bed while Ikaika and I cozied up to the festivities out front.  He got to hold sparklers and throw pop-its and we watched a few loud, bright ones and bottle rockets.  I sang God Bless America twice.

I didn't take any pictures.  Sorry :( 

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