Makapia (Eye Boogers)

Koa has some major eye boogers.  He woke up yesterday with a sort of weepy left eye and by 6pm it had turned into this (this is after a warm chamomile pack and an eye full of breastmilk - so this is a dramatic improvement from the post-nap eye).  It's been going around, two of my friend's babies have had it.  There are no other symptoms except major goopy eye.

In a way, I feel bad.  Ikaika had great nutrition when he was a baby.  I made all his food from organic veggies, breastfed him all the way, and he always took Shaklee protein and vitamins.  As a result, Ikaika almost never got sick.  Koa is feeling the unfortunate side effects of having parents with less time and less money.  On the plus side, I also have more friends and am around other people and other children more often.  It's good, but there are more germs to go around.  Poor Koa.  This picture makes me want to stop being so lazy and really make Koa's nutritional needs a higher priority...

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