Tea Party Trauma

Ikaika went to a friend's 2 year birthday tea party this afternoon.  We dressed all fancy - I even put gel in his hair.  There were finger sandwiches and precious mini red velvet cupcakes.

Then things took a turn for the grotesque.  He fell and hit his face on a stair.  The blood alone was scary and, since it was a facial injury, was massive in quantity.  But the real gross part was the actual cut, which was deep enough that the nurse in the ER said  to the doctor "there's something white in there" and he said "no, that's a part of him".  Eww!

They used dermabond (superglue) instead of stitches so hopefully the scar won't be as noticeable.  I was a little worried that because this is Big Island and the technology isn't exactly "cutting edge" he would be left with a disfiguring scar that would stare out at me from his forehead for the rest of his life and shout "you are a terrible mother who let your kid fall and crack his head open even though you were standing two feet away from him!"

He seems to be okay now.  He was good in the ER, then we stopped by a friend's house afterward and he was showing off his bloody shirt.  I promised him ice cream but I might need to eat it all.  Mr A and I are both on an adrenaline come-down.  Bleh...


  1. Oh no!!

    BTW, what is that dog doing in the background?

    Glad to know that Ikaika is ok.

  2. Oh my gosh! You got a new mom medal for this, I'm sure. Speaking as someone with a scar between the eyebrows, I think they are sexy. :) Of course, I'll keep my fingers crossed it heals quickly with no blemish.