My Little Prince(ss)

I'm not offended when people mistake my son Kekoa for a little girl.  He's so darn cute and all that luscious hair...not to mention the fact that sometimes my friends and I like to go nuts and dress him in girl outfits.  I've never taken him in public like this, but seriously, what a sweet little baby!

You can rest assured that my husband 100% DOES NOT support this hobby.  He neither thinks its adorable nor does he think it's funny.  Every time I do it he just mutters something in Filipino and glares at me.  "no good, it's no good...booyag booyag..."  

I just don't get it.  Can't he see how much fun we are going to have when Kekoa is first round draft pick (offensive lineman) for the NFL and we look back on these photos?!   It's going to be a hoot!

Now Ikaika, on the other hand, I would have been VERY offended if someone mistook him for a girl.

This actually happened at Mauna Lani about a week ago.  Granted, he had on toe nail polish and "girl" slippers, but he was wearing a full-on Wisconsin basketball jersey!  And there is no excuse for his hair recently.  All I could think was, "gee, thanks lady, you must think I have the ugliest little girl you have ever seen."

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