Koa Crawling (for real this time)

Koa is on the move!  I put him down in the living room and when I look up he is under the kitchen table.  He "follows" his brother into the bedroom or his daddy into the bathroom.  He hasn't built up any speed but he definitely has mobility.

hey! there's a baby in the floor!

Maybe it's because he's such a little pipsqueak, but I just noticed that he is going to be 7 months old next week.  Time is flying!  He's already regularly eating solid foods (although we haven't had any teeth sightings yet) and here he is getting up on all fours!  Koa is able to hold and play with toys, he can practically carry on a conversation (as long as the topic is squealing or shrieking) He can sit up by himself sometimes without tipping over but he's not quite "sitting up" yet. 

So in certain ways, he is still my teeny tiny baby.  And that is good.  

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