Au Pau wit da Keikis

In case you heard church bells chiming and doves being released yesterday - it was probably because Mr A got a vasectomy!  After 3 decades of fathering youngsters, my husband finally hung his parenting hat for good.  Koa is it.  The very last direct recipient of Mr A DNA.

His personal experience, which I won't relate in detail, was nothing short of traumatic.  Let's just say that if you are looking for cutting edge technology in medical procedures, Hilo is not the place to find it.  He may have had a more comfortable experience if it had been performed in a hotel room...in Mexico.  It was that bad. 

I can hardly feel sympathetic for him because I got sutures in my most sensitive areas and that was only AFTER pushing out a ginormous baby!  And let's not forget that I didn't have the luxury of numbing medication with my first.  So, frankly, now we're even.

I still can't believe he did it.  Part of me wanted to run into the room and put a stop to it because I might want that third kid someday when life settles down and we are more stable.  Another part of me doesn't want that at all.  I've got my little pair of monsters and that seems like quite enough.  Adoption is always an option if we seriously change our minds, but I doubt we will.  The kid ship has sailed.

I know a lot of guys (including my husband) have a weird attachment to their sperm and equate it with virility.  Even though they don't logically want more children, they just can't deal with the idea of changing that part of themselves.  So I'm really super duper proud of Mr A for making the responsible choice and just getting it done.  Hopefully he will serve as an inspiration to men - especially "local" men (older local men)- everywhere.


  1. Wow! What a brave guy. Hope Chris will be able to do that someday for us!! But I am not ready yet to know for sure that we are done.
    Passed along a blogging award to you today! Congrats and enjoy.

  2. Wow! Good job, Mr. A.!

    Man, I can't believe you are done having children and I haven't even begun!

  3. Hahahahha!! You crack me up! Good job Mr. A!! I think you will be happy with just the 2 gorgeously beautiful kids!

  4. I tip my hat to your hubby. That's quite courageous.