Shlumping Around

the boys watching TV on the "eclectic" futon

We made it home safe and sound - unfortunately, we brought back the mainland plague!  Mr A was sick for most of his time in the Northwest and the boys had runny noses and coughs but the real illness didn't strike until after we got off the airplane.

Koa's cough got so nasty that I eventually took him to the doctor where she informed me that the coughing wasn't a problem but the RAGING EAR INFECTION was!  Even though I'm sure he got it from the change of pressure in the airplane, I couldn't help but feel a little bit guilty since I had chronic ear aches as a child and I've always been convinced that it is genetic and I will pass it onto at least one of my offspring.  Hopefully, that is not the case here.

Everyone is feeling much better now.  Mr A and Ikaika spent yesterday morning at the beach and I am going to a baby shower this afternoon.  We have mostly been just "shlumping around", watching NFL, awaiting the BCS championship game (Go Ducks!), and drinking gallons of hot tea.  All in all - a perfect little week/weekend...except the sickness part.

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