Adventures in Babysitting

Who says teenagers are totally useless?!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that my little sister has finally taken a shining to my children.  She even claims to be the captain of "Team Koa".   

Lucky for me, Mo's FBO (facebook official - real slang, I kid you not) boyfriend is totally willing to pitch in.  It could be because Mo likes to watch 16 & Pregnant with him and rate him against all the loser boyfriends on the show.  Whatever the reason, Koa falls into a coma whenever Simon picks him up.   

Ikaika is adjusting to the change of scenery.  He's testing his boundaries (already well acquainted with the timeout chair), not as hungry but obsessed with drinking milk, and unwilling to sleep in his own little bed (I've been thoroughly enjoying all the extra snuggles!)  We have also discovered an indoor playground at the Shoreline Community Center - $2 for 2 hours of play!  I was freaked out by the sheer number of knee-high rugrats running around the gym.  But Ikaika loved it and it was a lot warmer than playing in the rain at the park so I got a 10 punch card :) 

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