Wall Stickers for Wood Paneling

 The new house is so exciting - a carport, an "office", a vacant lot right next door!  The only thing is that the inside is tastefully decorated with super stained white shag carpet and wood paneling...IN EVERY SINGLE ROOM!  You can pop small nails into the spaces between the slats, but it was a serious challenge to work around the overwhelming amount of wood on the walls.

My sister got us these appliques from Target.  They are just giant stickers that you slap up on the wall.  Ikaika was so excited to put them up and even help mount some of the stickers himself.  I love the result and he loves it too (which is the most important part)  I'm going to try and peel them off and take them with if and when we move again because they are just that awesome.

These little guys are from my parents and I confess that this is much more my style of decorating for a kids room - vintage hipster.

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