Eating Poi - Kekoa's First Taste of Food

Yesterday was Mr A's birthday (hau'oli la hanau, big guy) and it was also the day that Kekoa got his first taste of real food - POI!  The world's most perfect baby food.  He only licked a little off dad's finger but he sure liked it.  I really want to try and get as close as I can to 6 months with breastfeeding so this probably isn't the beginning of serious food introduction.  Ikaika was so...hungry! all the time that we started him on solid food around 4.5 months.  But I remember having reservations about that and if he had been sleeping through the night as soundly as Koa, I would have waited.

Here's Ikaika letting you know what he ate for dinner.
Translation: "chicken, rice, poi, banana bread...it was good...no! no!"...having a "freak out at the paparazzi" moment.

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