Too Many Clothes!

There comes a point where we must admit that we have too many clothes for our kids!  At least I have too many clothes for my kids.

Kekoa is almost out of newborn size. He's right on the cusp.  I was sorting through their closet today and I came to realize a number of things.

1) Certain things Ikaika has been wearing for almost a year now.  Other sizes will come and go but one or two shirts just keep sticking around.  Does this mean that at one point they are huge and at another they are skin tight?  Probably.  Just makes me wonder why I don't buy all things in that certain size that seems to transcend growth. 

2) My kids wear the same ten things over and over again.  There are sleepers Kekoa hasn't even worn yet and there are sleepers he seems to wear every other day.  Why do I have the other stuff?  I should keep a few things around for an emergency, but it would save me gads of space if I just donated the clothes they honestly don't wear.

3) On that same train of thought, the ten things are different for each boy.  I saved all my favorite things that Ikaika wore all the time.  Oddly, Koa hardly wears those items.  He wears new stuff or other outfits that I overlooked before.  So, darling family, feel free to keep the clothes coming - one of your picks just might be a winner!

4)  I am emotionally attached to my boy's clothes.  I have been considering a quilt project that would utilize my favorites from the boys collection.  That way I could snuggle up to their adorable baby clothes for the rest of my life.  So now, when I sort through their clothes I have 3 piles: one is for donating, the other is for sending to my sister for whenever she decides to have kids, and the third is for cutting out squares for my quilt project.

5)  Even though we only added one child to the house, the amount of laundry I wash and fold has quadrupled.

Both are outfits that I love.  Beth, you will be getting these.

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