There's Always Room for Jell-O (shots)

My friend Jill turns the big 3-0 tonight.  I was told to bring pupus/a snack (no brownies, tacquitos, or local food) so I went with Jello.  SHOTS!  Party on.  Feels like Flunk Day, Knox friends.

Jill is a friend from my Christian moms group so I'm hoping that this won't be a misunderstood gift/social faux pas.  It's an "80s Party" so I'm going under the assumption that anyone who throws a party themed after the most excessive decade of the last century is probably looking to get trashed (or at least buzzed). 

Using vodka, I made watermelon, strawberry banana, and peach.  I also used tequila with lime jello to make margarita shots and now the whole fridge smells like a morning after in Mexico.  I am so curious what those will end up tasting like.


  1. My Birthday is in January. You are more than welcome to bring your delicious Jello Shots and fabulous self to my party!

  2. Awww, memories! Miss you, lady.

  3. try adding up diced fruits on your jello it's superb.. my kid loves it too!

    from rona of

  4. your kid takes jello shots?! thats hard core