Movie Review Get Him to the Greek

What's up with Judd Apatow?  First Funny People and now this?

Mr A and I watched Get Him to the Greek last night and it was hilarious!  I was cracking up.  I can't believe I enjoyed P-Diddy acting in a movie...but, sure enough, I did.  So clever and funny. 

Yet, so dark.  I've watched too many episodes of Celebrity Rehab or something.  This movie was so funny, but at the same time it was so sad because it was real.  Almost grotesquely real.  The theme of how the industry and the fans really don't give a shit about the personal struggles of drug addicted stars and enable them to the point where all they really have is that one hour of live concert.  I have often wondered how you could lead a life that is so exciting and be so wealthy and still be so depressed.  Why do so many rock stars end up killing themselves?  Well...there you have it. 

The movie really tiptoed on the boundary of being tongue-in-cheek while still being based on a reality and being just a tragic commentary on our times.  I think the writers did a better job than in Funny People, when the social commentary was so obvious that the whole thing just seemed depressing and the comedy was lost.

I liked this movie more than I thought I would and I got up from the couch thoughtful, not just mindlessly entertained. 


  1. I am glad you liked it... I too thought it was super funny but also did a great job exploring the darker side of it all... the dirty underbelly of the entertainment industry and all. But yes, funny as hell. Because when the world gives you a Jeffrey, just stroke the furry walls!

  2. Anonymous3.11.10

    Chris really wants to see this one so maybe I will have to give it a try!