Sick! Mastitis! Breast Infection! Terrible!

Yesterday I was soaring high with a fever of 103.6!  Holy smokes!

Although my boob was a little sore, it wasn't excruciating or anything.  Tuesday I was running a small fever and the other boob was hurting - but that's the same boob I'm having a hard time getting the baby to latch onto so I thought it was probably just because I had been treating it like a ball of silly putty while cramming it into his mouth.

Alas, no.  Turns out I did have an infection.  I begged the doctor to suggest something other than antibiotics but she pointed out that if it became an abscess...well, that word alone got me scooting to the pharmacy.  She also told me that I shouldn't mess around with a fever that high.

Now I am feeling much better.  My concern with antibiotics is, of course, yeast infection or severe irregularity.  But, almost more so than that, I'm worried about the baby getting thrush.  So I have to eat lots of yogurt and take probiotics.  Good thing I have that handy dandy yogurt maker :) 

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  1. That's scary, I'm glad you got that looked at so quickly.