Moving Into a Big Bed

We moved to Hawaii without a crib and, despite the fact that we are having another baby, I still can't work up the justification for investing in one.  I soften the bottom of the playpen with blankets and Ikaika seems fine with it so why mess with a good thing?

But, now that the new baby's arrival is imminent, it's time for Ikaika to get the hell out of Dodge.  I need that playpen for the baby!  So, I have officially started the process of transitioning my big boy into a Big Boy Bed.

I decided to start with naps.  For the last week I have been putting him down in the bed and then using Supernanny's separation technique to encourage him to stay in it.  I sit next to him in the darkness and gradually move away.  After 5-10 minutes he is asleep (hopefully).  The real trick is not looking at, talking to, or engaging him.  That, and keeping the room sufficiently dark.  Today I left the room before he fell asleep completely and he still stayed in bed and took a good nap.  We are about a month away from attempting to go all night in the twin bed, but I consider this good progress.

I crept into the room towards the end of his nap and tried to capture him in all his sleeping glory, but the beeping of the camera's shutter woke him up.

He seems groggy.

And now he's up!  Yay Big Boy Bed!!!

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  1. Wow, delicate way to put it, 'hell out of dodge.' Hahahhaha! I would think the twin bed would be more comfortable.