May Day and Ho'olaulei'a at Waimea Middle School

 Today was the annual May Day program and festival (ho'olaulei'a) at Waimea Middle School.  Technically, May Day is May 1st, but they don't want the kids mentally checking out too soon before the end of the year, so they usually delay the festivities until later in the month!

Mr A's class performed a rousing rendition of Pearly Shells and Surf (songs).  It's the first time in 15 years that the special ed class has done a May Day performance.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it and I think the audience appreciated it, too.  I couldn't get close enough to the stage for any good pictures though.  Bummer.

I did get a shot of the court.  Every island (there are 8 total) is represented by a different color.  The king and queen are in the middle - the queen wears a crown and lei made from jasmine flowers.  The ferns in the princesses hair have some kind of significance to this area of the island but I was zoning out during that part of the presentation so I forget what it is exactly!

You wouldn't even believe how spectacular the gym looked!  The floral decorations were breathtaking.

And this beautiful quilt was hanging behind the court on the stage along with these kahili (feather pole things) that over 100 students helped make.  One of the kupuna (elders) came and taught them how to make authentic kahili and it was a big project.  I think the results speak for themselves.  Wow!

Mr A was such a good sport about getting on stage, singing and playing ukulele in front of the entire school.  That attitude carried over into the afternoon as he braved the chilly waters of the dunk tank.  Kids were lining up around the block to get a crack at him!

My baby's trying to give a shaka, too. It's not really working out but at least he's having fun!

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