Yogurt Maker Success Story and Recipe

The yogurt maker is a total success! I have made at least 3 batches of delicious, nutritious soy yogurt and they have all been awesome. Ikaika is eating yogurt everyday and I've even been able to sneak some for myself too.

Here's how I did it.

1) Heated a quart of soy milk on the stove until it was steaming and bubbles were forming on the top but it wasn't boiling. (I've learned that there is really no taste difference in the final product between regular and vanilla soy milk)

2) pour the heated milk into a pitcher and let it sit in the fridge until it gets to somewhere between 120 and 90 degrees. I've been using the thermometer that came with the yogurt maker (but I've heard you can guesstimate this by sticking a finger in the milk and if you can leave it there for 10 seconds but the milk is still warm, it's probably right).

3) mix a little of the warm milk with 2 tablespoons of active culture yogurt, either store bought or some leftover from the last batch you made. Mix it up and then pour it back into the pitcher with the rest of the milk.

4) Pour this into the 7 little jars and put the lids on tight. Load em into the yogurt maker, plug it in and let it sit for 5-6 hours.

5) Put the delicious jars of probiotic goodness into the fridge and enjoy at your leisure!

I've been stirring a teaspoon of ground flax seeds into Ikaika's daily cup of yogurt and he seems to love it. I was surprised that, unlike store bought yogurt, this stuff (even plain) isn't sour or tangy. Also, because the soy milk isn't going to be as thick as regular milk, you have to be careful then stirring things in or it might get runny. But, overall, this is an awesome, healthy, dairy free treat and I am still shocked that it's so easy to make!

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