MOPS Annual Tea & Treasure

Some of the ladies of the "water" table.

Today at MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) we had our Annual Tea & Treasure. It's a tea party for grown ups! We dressed up, ate off real flat ware and used coasters under our cups. We heard life testimonies from three of our strong, inspiring (and totally ordinary) sisters. We ate chocolate, discussed God and bonded while men in white linen waited on us and other people watched our children. It was divine!

Here is the feast! The president of the group made these adorable chocolate-and-tea-for-two goody bags you see in the upper left corner. All the food was delicious.

Ikaika has been going to the nursery (0-18m) during MOPS. Today he walked up, looked in the room and started backing up, shaking his head "no!". I took him to the toddler room and he ran right inside, sat down and started playing - no problem. I really appreciated his maturity in letting me know so directly that he was ready to move on to the big(ger) kid room!

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