UH Fleece Hoodie Reconstruction

Today I made a jacket to match the footed pants I made a few weeks ago. This was so ridiculously easy that half way through I almost thought I was doing something wrong.

I used the same "pattern" (aka old cut up shirt) that I use for the UW lacrosse shirt recon and, as promised, made the shoulders roomier. I forgot to add a seam allowance to the body so the jacket is very slim but it fits like a dream right now so I'm satisfied with the results. There is a generous hood and the front closes with four big black buttons.

I used my remaining UH Manoa fleece for the sleeves and hood. For the body I used a button front cape (honestly, a cape) made from a sweatshirt-like material that I bought at H&M in 2006. Even though I wore it occasionally, what really attracted me to the cape were the buttons and the texture. Since I was able to preserve both those elements, I'm at peace with my decision to chop it up.

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