March Madness!

Following my husband's victory in the Stransky Family Football Pool this fall, we are now approaching the hot hot heat of March Madness. I'm feeling confident!

I filled out my brackets today, which I have never done before but it was super fun and I plan on making a habit out of it. We have picked up some new family members for March Madness (welcome, Grandpa Joe!) and I think that will contribute to the excitement.

It's going to be that much more fun this year now that I have invested my pride!

I highly recommend doing things like this as a way to keep in touch with family abroad. It gives us something to talk about on a daily/weekly basis and creates something we can do together despite the distance. Someday, the baby will be filling out his own bracket and forging a relationship with Oma, Opa, and all his aunties based on whatever sport is in season!


  1. Chris and I LIVE for March Madness! We love the brackets and enter as many pools with friends as we can. It is so much fun. Sam was born on the opening day of March Madness and it worked out perfect because I had games to distract me through labor and then we could sit in the hospital that whole first weekend watching the games. We LOVED it.
    So glad you have discovered the job of the bracket this year. GOOD LUCK!

  2. I meant "discovered the JOY!"