UW lacrosse T-shirt Reconstruction

If you followed Terms of Indifference when I was living in Thailand, you may remember my Wisconsin lacrosse shirt, a gift courtesy my sister. I had to retire it because the cotton started to crust over with the salt from my sweat. But, considering I had worn it at least every other day, I was sure it had lived a good life.

For the past 2 years, even though I never wore it, I kept rescuing my UW LaX T-shirt from the "give away" pile. Lately, I've been drooling over Vegbee's raglan sleeve shirts and this seemed like the perfect project for my most treasured garment.

I used another old shirt from Cambodia for the sleeves (you can vaguely see the pattern on the shoulder) and scraps from a Philly's shirt (circa last year's World Series) for the back. The pattern was 100% eyeballed. I consider this to be acceptable for (my) children's clothes since fit isn't exactly of dire consequence. I also used Vegbees tute for transplanting a polo shirt collar onto a regualar t-shirt. I've never done this before but I like the results!

Clearly, this is closer to a size 3/4 shirt. Ikaika doesn't fit into it now, but he will sooner or later and my Wisconsin Lacrosse shirt will live on!

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